We offer advanced Pass Plus training

Why do Pass Plus?

Passing your driving test is only the first step towards being a safe, experienced driver. For that reason, insurance companies often charge much higher premiums to first time drivers as they have had no opportunity to prove that they are low risk on the road.

Pass Plus is an optional training course that can be taken after you pass your driving test. It enhances your driving skills to make you a safer driver, reducing the likelihood of you having an accident and making a claim. For this reason, insurance companies often offer a discount to drivers who’ve taken the course.

What’s included in Pass Plus?

The types of activity covered by the course include:

  • All weather driving
  • Motorway driving
  • Night time driving
  • How to deal with rush hour traffic

It is entirely up to you whether you think that a pass plus course is worth the money. There is no obligation to sign-up if you learn to drive with us.

Some of our pupils take the course because they are interested in obtaining a pass plus insurance discount; others believe that the additional experience will be invaluable in helping them deal with tricky situations on the road in the future

Talk to us about Pass Plus and see if it’s something you’d be interested in pursuing.

“I love being a driving instructor; and I love driving. In fact, my whole working life has involved driving, whether a car, a van, or an articulated lorry. But teaching people to drive is the best job I’ve had. You just can’t beat the feeling of seeing someone that you’ve come to know over weeks of driving lessons, finally holding their pass certificate. It fills me with pride every single time!”

Steve Eckersley, ADI for Buckle Up Bolton

We offer lessons throughout Bolton and the surrounding areas.


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