Why choose Buckle-Up Bolton Driving School?

We often get asked why it’s best to choose an independent driving school like us, over one of the cheaper large chains.

In our nearly 20 years of being an independent driving school, we’ve lost count of the number of pupils that have chosen to learn with us after trying one of the chains.

They are usually attracted by the low hourly rate, thinking that it will cost less to learn to drive. However, the reality is that the high turnover of instructors with larger chains means that pupils often find themselves with several different instructors during their course.

This greatly increases the number of lessons required overall, as many lessons are spent getting used to a new car and a new instructor’s style of teaching. They also have to redo aspects of driving already learned as the new instructor learns about their ability.

So rather than costing less, it can actually work out to be far more expensive, and far more frustrating.

By choosing Buckle-Up Bolton as your driving school, you are guaranteed consistency throughout the process of learning to drive. We get to know you and your learning style, meaning that we can tailor each lesson with the aim of getting you ready for your test quickly and safely.

Our hourly rate is fair, meaning we would never need to stall your learning in order to recoup any money lost from a cheap hourly rate; so you can always be sure that you’re getting the best possible value from your driving lessons.

What our pupils have to say…

“I love being a driving instructor; and I love driving. In fact, my whole working life has involved driving, whether a car, a van, or an articulated lorry. But teaching people to drive is the best job I’ve had. You just can’t beat the feeling of seeing someone that you’ve come to know over weeks of driving lessons, finally holding their pass certificate. It fills me with pride every single time!”

Steve Eckersley, ADI for Buckle Up Bolton

We offer lessons throughout Bolton and the surrounding areas.


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